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25 and Fifty Coaching

Over twenty-five years ago, the founder of 25 and Fifty Coaching, Stacy Luccioni-Munch, began her professional career as an engineer, working behind the scenes to keep computer systems running, solving problems, and researching better ways to support system users by creating and delivering technical guides and technical learning opportunities. 


Stacy’s ability to question and listen effectively was instrumental to her success in all her professional roles. When she reached the half-century mark of her life, after having found great fulfillment in mentoring and informally coaching young technical professionals and her own children, she found herself called to working behind the scenes in a different capacity. 


Stacy took a new path and began a journey towards achieving certification as a professional life coach and DISC Consultant. Her training with Christian Coach Institute advanced Stacy’s questioning and listening skills to draw out the gifts, potential, and aspirations in others and helped her discover her strengths as a motivator and encourager.


Stacy’s new path is to serve others through coaching. What’s the new path for your personal or professional life? Let Stacy help you discover it, commit to it, and achieve a fulfilling life and career. Click here to schedule a complementary Welcome and Discovery session to learn more.

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