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Stacy is an excellent coach, truly meeting people where they’re at and helping them move forward to where they need and want to be.  She listens actively, affirms, asks penetrating questions, and gently challenges when necessary.  She has done all that for me and I’m sure she will for others as well. 



Julie T., Baltimore, MD  

Stacy is wonderful about helping her clients focus overwhelming goals into smaller, attainable objectives. She is great at asking just the right questions and not letting you off the hook without a plan. She remained connected to me in between coaching sessions by sending just the right scripture passages to help instill hope, faith, and strength that only Jesus Christ can provide. I have always had a positive experience being coached by Stacy and would recommend her to anyone. 

Sharon T., Vernon, CT

Stacy was able to help me to create simple yet ambitious goals that improved my overall mindset and habits as a college student. After each session, I felt good about myself as the verbal objectives became realities. Stacy is determined to make sure every client reaches their potential from the initial meeting to the last goal set!

Robert A., Storrs, CT


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