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Savor the Quiet

Updated: May 20, 2019

It was an evening during the busiest time of the year, and in my haste to get to the kitchen to start dinner, I found myself drawn to my living room. The lights on our majestic Christmas tree were inviting me in to take a better look. The plastic candles on the window sills cast beautiful reflections throughout the room. Then, the internal struggle began ...

“Go ahead, make a cup of tea, have a seat on the couch, and be still.”

“No, no, no, my dear, you need to get a head start on dinner so that you have time to run to BJ's tonight and check another item off your to-do list.”

I walked into the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea.

No one was home, the house was quiet, and I plopped myself down on that couch. Clasping the hot mug of tea, I gently placed my feet, covered in warm wool socks, on the coffee table and sat back to enjoy my mini-sabbatical. I breathed in the wonderful scent of the Fraser Fir, breathed out, and felt my shoulders relax as my mind let go of my to-do list and all the insignificant clutter. I gave myself permission to rest and set free the creative possibilities that lie hidden within my muddled mind.

One of the precious rewards of coaching is to witness my clients’ “ah-hah” moments that come about through reflection, self-awareness, and creative exploration of options - all made possible through clarity of mind. What better way to achieve clarity of mind than by allowing oneself to savor the quiet? So, when the opportunity presents itself to take a mini-sabbatical from the demands of your day, give yourself permission to rest, savor the quiet, and embrace the possibility of experiencing your own “ah-hah” moment!

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