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Take me up

Updated: May 20, 2019

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

Several months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet four of my dear childhood friends for brunch. We have known each other for over 40 years. Over a delicious meal we bantered and reminisced about all the activities we did as kids that just wouldn’t fly at the playground today.

One of these activities was “taking up” a friend on a swing. This was how it was done … One friend sat on the swing’s flat metal seat. The other stood with a foot on either side of the seated “passenger” holding tight to the metal chains. The standing friend began to bend and push (pump) forward to get the swing moving. The seated friend followed with the same motion in the opposite direction. Together, the two friends moved the swing back and forth flying high in the air, until, at full height, they were almost parallel with the ground. The key was not to allow the chains to buckle and crimp, otherwise, you’d risk blood blisters on your fingers. Not that any blisters would stop us from “taking each other up” for hours on end. We had not a care in the world as we soared up to the sky, giggling, and singing. With the help of a friend, blisters and all, we were free to reach the sky and experience true contentment.

I'd like to think of a coach as the friend who stands up along side you to encourage you to commit to the plan you have spinning around in your head and who empowers you to act to achieve it while overcoming any obstacles along the way.

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