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The “New Year”

Updated: May 20, 2019

I awoke this morning to a gentle, cool breeze passing through my bedroom window - a welcome relief from the late summer humidity. I felt a hint of autumn in the air and began to reflect on the beginnings that lie ahead as children of all ages begin a new academic year. For students, a new school year offers the opportunity to gain knowledge, develop a new skill, foster new friendships, grow, mature and gain independence. Some approach the new school year with nervous anticipation, some with confidence and excitement, and others with worry and dread. For parents, a new school year offers a return to routine, structure, and maybe a little peace and quiet. For me, this new school year marks the beginning of my coaching practice. I look forward with faith and joy to the opportunity to open my heart to new clients, listen to their dreams and desires, and help them turn their nervous anticipation of what lies ahead for their lives into confident excitement.

What about you?

What is stirring inside you this “New Year”? How do you approach a new beginning?

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