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Envision the Task Complete

Updated: May 20, 2019

A few years ago, my husband and I caught the open-concept bug … thank you HGTV … and embarked on a project to remodel our closed off early 90’s style kitchen. Shutting down the heart of our home for an extended period of time was not an option, so, we meticulously planned how each section of the kitchen would be demolished and reconstructed. Before the first cabinet was emptied of its contents, I stood in the center of the kitchen and imagined looking into the dining and living areas of our home. I had a clear picture and feeling of what it would be like to create and share daily meals and entertain without obstruction. I could see light, light and more light streaming in from the south and west side windows. These images motivated me through the demolition, dust, raw cracked hands, dust, sore back, dust, packing, dust, repacking, dust, and unpacking. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of my husband, step father, and a carpenter friend, my vision came to be – a beautiful, open, functional, light-filled kitchen!

In my coaching conversations, I help my clients envision, feel, and describe their desired task or goal complete. I listen to their enthusiasm, excitement, and joy when they are able to think beyond their limitations and talk about their dreams. By simply retaining an image in their mind, creating a vision board, or verbalizing an end-result fulfilled, they are encouraged and motivated to stay on track and move forward towards their goals through the challenges, obstacles, and maybe even lots of demo dust 😊.

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