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Washing Windows

Updated: May 20, 2019

It was going to be a clear, calm, sun-filled late fall day, so, I decided to tackle the mundane task of washing the windows of my home. Oddly enough, I find this task very cathartic. Outside, in the clear crisp air, with no distractions and only the sweet sounds of a gentle wind, nuthatches and chickadees, I spray and wipe away the buildup of dirt from the spring and summer months. Sometimes I break out a razor to scrape away the muddy remnants of a heavy rainstorm. As I complete each window, I step back, and, happy with my progress, move on to my next challenge. One window at a time I work towards completing the task at hand. This “small step” approach not only allows me to delight in individual successes but it also allows me to be present and notice the newly exposed reflections, such as a beautiful stream of sunlight above wispy tall grasses and majestic maple trees.

How about you? Are you focused solely on an end goal and feeling stuck, overpowered or overwhelmed by it? I challenge you to “wash one window at a time”. Revel in the smaller achievements and be present to them - you never know what hidden solutions may be revealed in the process.

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