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Coaching Services FAQs

What does the CPLC designation next to Coach Stacy’s name stand for?

CPLC is the Certified Professional Life Coach designation earned by individuals who have completed their training, certification requirements, and practicum through the Christian Coach Institute (CCI). 

CCI is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program. As a graduate of an ICF accredited program, Coach Stacy adheres to the ICF’s ethical guidelines and professional standards in her coaching practice. Client confidentiality is paramount in all of Coach Stacy’s coaching relationships – a Coaching Agreement is established and approved by Coach Stacy and client before moving forward with any coaching relationship.


What does a professional life coach do?

A professional life coach works on the same supportive concept as a sports coach but is trained to address issues that you as the client would like to consider for your personal or professional life. Unlike a therapist, a life coach will not look to the past, but instead, will deal with the present and use strategies that will help you refocus on the future to move beyond the feeling of being “stuck”. In Coach Stacy’s conversations, she uses the core coaching skills of questioning and listening deeply to support, encourage, challenge, and hold her clients accountable to their established goals.


I noticed that Coach Stacy earned her CPLC designation through a Christian-focused coach training program, does she coach individuals who are not Christian?

Yes, Coach Stacy coaches individuals from varied backgrounds and beliefs. Stacy’s Christian faith guides her values and beliefs; however, she does not seek to impose her values on another or refuse coaching services to individuals who do not share her beliefs. 


How is it done? 

At 25 and Fifty Coaching, sessions are conducted face-to-face, over a secure phone connection, or remotely through a secure video conference session using a web browser or cell phone application. Each coaching session lasts up to one hour no matter the method of communication.   


What makes 25 and Fifty coaching services unique?

We provide goals and strategy summaries following each coaching session along with accountability and inspirational email check-ins to assess progress, provide support, and encouragement. As a result, our clients benefit from personal attention, ongoing support and communication to help them stay motivated and on track to achieve their desired goals and objectives.


What will be expected of me as a client?

Clients are expected to complete a client intake form and a life harmony values assessment prior to the Intake and Coaching Agreement Review session. Clients are also expected to complete a pre-session questionnaire at least 24 hours before each coaching session. These questionnaires allow for personal reflection and help to focus the agenda for the coaching session. 


Review Am I Coachable to determine if you are ready for what will be expected of you as a coaching client.


I’m not sure that coaching is right for me, how do I learn more?

Contact Coach Stacy to schedule a complementary Welcome and Discovery call. 


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